Show True Love Story with Disney Wedding Cake Toppers

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Disney wedding cake toppers are mostly chosen by many couples in this world to symbolize their love story. As you know, Disney is well-known because of its characters, and most of those characters are used in Disney films that have slogan “happily ever after”. No wonder that there are many couples that want to copy the Disney characters’ stories that tell about a princess and prince that are getting married then live in the castle with happiness.

There are many characters in Disney are used as the disney wedding cake toppers. First, there is Cinderella and the prince that finally married with glamorous wedding party. Besides Cinderella, there is Snow White and Prince Cake topper that can be chosen to decorate the wedding cake. Belle and the Beast also can be put in the top of the wedding cake because their love story has inspired many couples in this world. There are many stories about prince and princess that in the end happily ever after are used as the wedding cake topper.

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Yet, if you want to make the anti-mainstream wedding cake topper with Disney character, you can use the other characters that are not prince and princess like ordinary. There are some other characters of Disney that symbolize the true love, for instance Mickey and Minnie Mouse love story, Lion Kings characters, Donald and Daisy Duck, Lady and the Tramp, and the last is Fiona and Shrek that has unordinary love story. disney wedding cake toppers are the best topper to symbolize and show your own love story when the wedding moment is held.

10 Photos of the Show True Love Story with Disney Wedding Cake Toppers

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